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Evening Swim in the Building Pool

The dim lights of Orion's belt
Shine down on me as I start my swim.
Once again...I relive the curiosity I felt
About who named those stars after him.

The darkling greenery, the fading light,
The distant circles of the wheeling kite,
The fruit bat flitting to and fro...
I see them all, as back and forth I go.

As I step into the pool
At first, the water feels a shade too cool;
But soon it's lovely, pleasant and mild
Like the casual touch of a gentle child.

I love to swim in the cool twilight
With the daytime scenes fading from my sight...
The twinkling stars appear very soon
And sometimes... the light of the moon.

Time passes quickly as I reflect
On the day's doings and introspect;
I feel how right was that very wise
Person who said, swimming's great exercise.
Tags: exercise, moon, pool, stars, swimming, twilight

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