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I was waiting for amoghavarsha to send me the pictures that I took with his camera, but I see he has already posted them to his photosite, so here goes:

On Sunday, 1st April, I got a call from Amogh that he would be giving a talk at BarCamp3 ...the topic being, "Connect! Conserve!"

On this date, I was rather wary about making the trip to IIM-B and having my face blackened...but I was sufficiently convinced about the talk really happening, and I went across.

As I walked into the "Society Tech" hall, I found a most interesting discussion going on about e-governance in Karnataka. Predictably, the discussion ran on a little longer than originally scheduled, and then Amogh began his talk.

Here he is, with jace setting it up (how many Macbooks can you spot in this picture? That's a question for noelladsa!)

It was short, but telling; he spoke of how the internet has brought information to everyone's homes in the flash of a second, and how this could be used to further the cause of conservation. He showed several of the superb photographs that he has taken in the course of his travels; and discussed how, when people become aware of the wonders of Nature around them, they become quite committed to the cause of conservation.

Here he is, making a point and getting the right slide to do it with:

Everyone was very impressed with the examples he chose; but more than anything else, they loved the photographs. When he finished, someone remarked, "We have a few minutes more...can you show us some more of your snaps?" And he obliged!

Here's part of the audience, listening intently:

When I often see young people who seem more interested in pubs, brands and malls, it is a refreshing change to see others, who have developed creative pursuits in spite of a demanding career...and take the time to motivate those around them similarly. Experiencing Nature and documenting her beauties for others to share...a worthwhile passion indeed.
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