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The best sounds that technology could bring me today

I love technology that enables ordinary humans to be in touch.

I was on Skype and my daughter called, and she was on Skype, too, and after a little chatting, she left herself on, and I could listen to her and her husband exchanging they packed for their trip to visit us.

The loveliest sounds in the world...!

I do love technology that enables a grandmother in Chennai to listen to the wails of her grandchild in a country halfway around the world, or lets a farmer in a remote village check the prices he can get for his crop.

The human mind is such an incredible thing. We have the brains that thought up the Internet, and we have the brains of people like the doctor in Nithari and his associate, who raped, killed, and allegedly ate several children....
Tags: horror, skype, technology, visiting

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