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Stage Decorations

Went to Kerala (Kannur) to attend the wedding of mmk. Will post a lot about that in a few days' time.

But as a starter...I couldn't resist taking this deepsan-type photograph of the stage decorations hanging from the ceiling in glorious technicolour on the stage on which the actual ceremony took place:

Stage upper decorations at mmk wedding 21 Apr 07

More pictures will follow...the next 3 days are going to be very hectic as my daughter and son-in-law wind up their very,very short visit (after a 2 year gap) and go away, leaving me with my empty nest again and just the photographs to post, and the memories to mull over....

And these are the first photographs where I have begun using KM's Fuji Finepix F30 camera, instead of the Canon; he is much more happy about sharing that and I am much more happy about carting that about rather than the Canon. I think, as usual, he has chosen a very good camera.
Tags: camera, fuji finepix, mmk, photography, stage decorations

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