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Life is Cheap

Tobacco Causes Cancer....Fifteen Rupees Per Pack....

Tobacco Causes Cancer- Fifteen Rupees per Pack

This was taken when we stopped for a tea break in Kerala. In case you have a doubt about the fact that we stopped for tea:

Tea Stall and Ladder

Next to the sign is the Ladder to Heaven, or at least, to the power cables! And that's our wedding bus behind the sign. Our bus was split into two parts: the front, or the respectable, part of the bus was different from the rowdy back part, which we also christened the Airbus, because with the bumpy roads and the seats far behind the axle, the air was where our "what-we-use-to-sit-on"s were, most of the time.
Tags: cancer, humour, kerala, photography, tea stall, tobacco

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