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Poetry again...

From our friend, Gautam Kaul...

Tum Chand ki tarah ho
Tumhe log yad karte hain
Hum sitaron ki tarah hain
Yaad karna toh door,apni khushion ke liye
Log hamari toot ne ki fariyad karte hain

(You are like the moon
People think of you
We are like the stars
Let alone thinking of wish on us for their happiness,
They want us to fall...)

And another friend of mine, Shashi Sharma, saw this on the back of a truck while travelling to Aurangabad:

Mere kaarobaar kaa aalam na poochho...
Aaine bechtaa hoon andhon ke shahar main

(Don't ask about the work I do...
I sell mirrors in the city of the blind)

So I added, for him:

Chhotey logon se milthey milthey...
Doob rahaa hoon pyaale ke andar ke lehar mein

(Meeting small minds...
I am drowning in the waves in a teacup)

Vivek Pande, another friend, said it reminded him of this line:

is ada pe kaun na mar jay ai khuda
woh ladte hein aur hath mein talwar bhi nahin..

(Oh God, who would not die for these gestures
They fight but they don't even have a sword in their hands..)
Tags: hindi, poetry, shairi, urdu

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