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How would it be...

Someone recently accused me of only finding fault and not finding solutions. So I wondered if our TT (Terrible Traffic) would improve if....

a. Autos had a much larger turning circle, which would mean they could no longer turn, twist, manouver and squeeze into gaps in traffic, causing chaos.

b. ALL horns were prohibited. Just think about it...aaaah...the silence alone would be worth it...If one cannot advance, horn blaring, to overtake another vehicle, surely the driving will become more circumspect, and better? One would have to give pedestrians a little more respect? (Looking forward to hearing all the negatives!)

c.We had one car-free day per week, or fortnight, per area....

I also realize that anyone who has me on their friends' page will see nothing but entries from no more posts today. (unless I think of something...)
Tags: autos, cars, horns, management, suggestions, traffic, turning circles

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