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English....foreign language or desi communication tool?

One of my colleagues on Metroblogs posted some bloopers which Oxford Concise Dictionary have allegedly made....I still haven't seen them for myself...but a reader, commenting on this entry, has asked why the poster can't post in Kannada.

And to this reader, I ask ...why are you READING the English post?

When are we going to stop regarding English as a "foreign" language and look at it as the valuable link tool it really is, to allow people with many mother tongues to communicate? Yes, the origin is foreign, but it's no less useful because of that. We are actually lucky to know, so well, a language which is, whether we like it or not, turning into a world language. Perhaps what put this tool into our hands was oppression and subjugation...but we do have it now, and should use it.

It's all very well for the politicians to make a big hoo-ha about a foreign language usurping our culture, heritage, and local languages...but show me a politician who sends his children to Kannada medium schools!

Indians have a big advantage in the world forum with their knowledge of English. By all means let us foster our Indian languages too, but let us recognize the usefulness of English (and its wide prevalence!) in our country, too.
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