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Orange and Black...

Trying to take photographs while going in the JLR van for the herbivore/bear/big cats safari is a real challenge. There is a huge grille attached to the outside of the windows, at an odd distance of a few inches away from them. The sliding glasses in each window ensure that either the person in front of you, OR you, can get the camera out...but not both. The glasses are quite smeared up and practically translucent. And the van rattles about on the uneven paths, jolting us, and our cameras, around. all this mind when you see the photographs and don't click your tongue at the not-quite-in-focus stuff

Here's my favourite pic of that day...

T, T, Burning Bright...

As we were clicking at the three sleeping tigers that I posted earlier, Sachin a spotted owlet; when I turned the camera that way, I was struck by the fact that a "face" with two "eyes" and a "mouth" was what I was looking at...can you see it in the snap below? The spotted owlet is sitting in the "mouth":

two 'eyes" and a "mouth"....

For some more pics of the NT Program, wait for my Metblogs post!
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