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No Entry....

Weird problem, that would happen only to Ms. Murphy. On Thursday, we spent the entire day without any power. When the power came back, I decided to leave my laptop on while I went for my swim.


Since then, my Toshiba laptop has a nice, clean, black-slate screen. Re-booting doesn't work. On Friday morning I went off to Bandipur (oh, yes, we had a superb time....) and today I am trying to call the Toshiba office. No reply, and unless I get a reply, I don't want to go all the way to find that the place is shut/doesn't exist any cetera.

So, until I get my poor Toshiba working again, or consign it to the rubbish heap and get another computer and get it configured...on LJ, I have to put up a nice sign with a diagonal red line across entry!

Vottapity, because I am simply bursting with stuff to write about...the lovely sightings at Bandipur, a Metblogs post that is waiting to be written about the Majestic bus stand and the levels of cleaniless (lots of supporting photos!), my musings about the history of punctuation..

And this entry? Being written on a helpful close friend's (where would we be without that wonderful species, Amicus aidus?) home computer.

But I will mention, though, that this hasn't particularly been my weekend...the laptop black out on Thursday, the usual no-tiger-no-leopard-enjoy-what-you-get days at Bandipur, my camera battery dying on me (naturally, just prior to my sighting of a Crested Hawk Eagle on a tall tree, which sat composedly for more than 20 minutes, calling away to glory while sainath clicked on and on), and an unexplained stoppage of all the more-comfortable Volvo buses on our return journey from Mysore to Bangalore-- we just jumped pell-mell into another bus and made it back...

The plus side, however, has the following points totted up...the beauty of the forest, the lovely sunrise on Moyar Gorge and the even more lovely sunset on Mangala Dam, with the water shimmering in the light and the cloud formations being breathtaking...a wonderful visit to Kukkarahalli Lake with Mr Kulasekhar of the INW fraternity, with a wealth of bird sightings (where Sainath, having used up his CF card on the Changeable Hawk Eagle, borrowed my CF card which was anyway useless in my camera, and has nearly filled it up with superb photographs of the trip)...and a hope that my laptop is not permanently damaged just when it was too late for KM to get me a new one from the US...

Ah well....all of you keep yourselves happy and healthy until my No Entry period comes to an end!
Tags: bandipur, jlr, jlrntp-1, kukkarahalli lake, no entry, sainath, screen breakdown, toshiba laptop

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