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Yet another great day...

Can't post photos...don't know how, and didn't take any...but this morning, drove back from Chennai to Blr on the really excellent (except for patches) National Highway 7, which, though not as scenic as the old Madras Road, still got us from point to point in under 6 hours. The Honda CR-V, for all that I detest the idea of using a SUV for the 2 of us, is a dream to drive, and I, who never drive by the speedometer but by the road conditions, found myself pushing 120 kmph on amazingly long stretches. The only danger on this road is that, for various reasons including the road being under construction, traffic often appears on the wrong side of the road, and one always has to be careful.

Getting the brass lamps, kolam, and eats ready for the Deepavali festival tomorrow. Feel so incredibly lucky and privileged to have everything that I could possibly want.
Tags: bangalore, chennai, divided, highway, honda, nh7

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