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Remember, I had once made this post about the wonderful camouflage of Nature, and used a photo of a bushlark? Well, here's another master of disguise that we spotted today in the Valley School area on our field trip...


There the grasshopper is to the centre left of the picture; if you look carefully, you will see that those long twiggy things in the front of the picture are actually its legs...and yet, it's SO hard to spot!

And to add to this, just when I finally get the creature in my viewfinder, HOPPP! it is off to some other place, making me look for it with slitted eyes, once again...

So when I see those wonderful photographs and watch those documentaries nowadsys, I am in danger of forgetting to watch the content as I muse about how much of effort must have gone into each frame.

I am simply amazed how birds can keep flying around and yet spot prey that is so well disguised. I think they make better naturalists than yours truly...
Tags: anush, camouflage, grasshopper, kanakapura road, karthik, km, photography

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