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Interesting, Not Interesting...

I read others' entries on LJ for a long time before I opened my account..and even then, I was very sceptical about having a readership. I am a housewife; what could I be thinking, or doing, that would be of interest to anyone else?

I decided to write on LJ more for the regular discipline of putting down words, of getting the thoughts to flow out through my fingers, rather than reside in my brain and get buried in the ocean of trivia that each day's existence brings.

And I found that it is like music.

As a musician, I found that when I truly enjoyed my own music, got rapt and lost in it, I was also making others enjoy it very much, and conveying that sense of happiness to my listeners. Similarly, when I enjoy my humdrum life and write about it, I find that so many people also enjoy it. They might empathize..."Oh, that's also happened to ME!"...or disagree about an opinion I have expressed or a post I have made( I just got a response to my buses post on Metroblogs, calling it trash; I think the commenter is entitled to his opinion)...

And in the same way, I like to read about what's happening in other people's lives...or their thoughts and opinions, or even, sometimes, look at their untitled photographs...

So...(this is especially in response to something birdonthewire wrote....don't think that your thoughts, ideas or experiences are boring...what YOU think is boring could make another person write a post! ;-)
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