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Anjali's excellent collage of the Mason Wasp building her nest...And bad news for JLR

When I went to meet the people who were taking the Naturalists' Training Program, at the JLR property in Bannerghatta in May this year, I found every one fascinated by the mud nest that a Mason Wasp (also called a Potter Wasp, for reasons obvious below) had built. She proceeded to lay her eggs and then brought a paralyzed caterpillar which she stuffed into the nest and sealed in, as food for the larva when it would hatch.

This process has been posted as a very nice collage by anjali_ar...and here's the link to her journal entry:

This morning I switched on the Suvarna channel to watch the music telecast (they are continuously telecasting bits and pieces from my concert recording)...I got the news that there was a fire yesterday at Shrungar Shopping Complex where the JLR office is situated, and there was actually video footage of the damage done to the JLR main office. I will have to ask Karthik what the damage is...looked rather bad.

The buildings have a tangled web of wires everywhere as they are very old; and a short circuit is believed to have caused the fire.
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