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.Dar es Salaam airport, and Kilimanjaro airport

Well, I am still in the process of downloading my pictures and sorting them out.. and I didn't bargain for a lot of guests or a geyser that had leaked all over the bathroom to greet us as we walked in...but here's a beginning!

Let me begin with this arresting profile of this woman at Dar es Salaam airport.....

Tanzanian Woman Dar airport 230707

Here's Julius Nyeyere Airport, Dar es Salaam, our entry point into the beautiful country that we visited:

Julius Nyeyere Int'l Airport, Dar es Salaam

After spending an evening there, visiting some of the Hindu temples, we flew early the next morning to Kilimanjaro airport:

Kilimanjaro airport

And you want to know in which country we were?

tanzania...kili airport

I do love differences in pronounciation...we say "Tan-ZAA-ni-a" but the Tanzanians themselves say it so muscially, with the stress on the third syllable, "tan-zay(not zaa)-NEE-ya"...sounds so much nicer! Thw Swahili language sounds well on the ear...

I will begin posting the pictures of birds starting with the ones we clicked right at the Kilimanjaro airport (which could most certainly call itself a bird haven!)..but right now I must call the geyser repair guy, and meet the carpenter, and check out how many people will be coming for dinner tonight....!
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