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I wish...

Now that I am finding so many people interested in my account of my travels, I do wish we had all these facilities available while KM and I travelled the world over! Mohan is on his fourth passport and I am on my third...and all we could do those days was to send postcards, pile up photographs which occupied more and more space (and sometimes we would come home and find one roll was over- or under-exposed, or the photo developing shop would lose them,or...)

Digital photography is SO extremely convenient, after the first expensive investment...

How I wish I could show everyone a country like, say Leichstenstein...or my days wandering alone in Austria,Germany and Switzerland...the wonder that is Angkor Wat...Prague in the snow...pigeons in Picadilly...oh well, my memories haven't faded, yet!
Tags: memories, photography, travel, wish

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