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After a long time, I am getting into tagging again..

I was tagged by Chandan a wonderful friend introduced to me by amogavarsha..and he asks me to list some random coincidences that have happened to me..and to tag someone else...

We went to book the trip to Amarnath; we went at 2 pm one day and were told that bookings had closed at 1pm that day. On exactly the dates that we had chosen for the trip, terrorists attacked the visitors on the path and there was mayhem...

KM's IIM class wanted to book the Andamans for the annual class reunion; things didn't work out and we cancelled the tentative bookings...and on the first of the dates we had booked it for, the tsunami struck...

Hmm....not too many coincidences have happened to me I guess...

A few days ago, my daughter called up from St Louis, saying she had been having dreams about someone who used to be our neighbour in Convent Road, Richmond Town, with whom I only have rare and sporadic contact now. She had undergone surgery for breast cancer. My daughter asked me to check that she was OK.

No, this is not the kind of coincidence that you are dreading. (that would be too much of a coincidence.)

I just happened to meet her the very next morning in Lalbagh; I was there taking photos of the floral decorations in Lalbagh, and she came there because her brother from the US had come down and wanted to take a walk a little late in the the lovely garden he remembered from his youth! She said she was coming to Lalbagh after more than a year!

...and we once ran into Sudha's husband Dilip in one of the terminals of JFK airport in New York. What are the odds of meeting a neighbour in that vast airport?

...I went with a group of birding friends, stopped at one spot to take a photograph of the scenery..and later found that rohan_kini was one of the group of bikers who stopped near almost identical photo of Savanadurga appeared on his LJ, too!

OK, now I tag asakiyume!
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