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deponti to the world

my 2 cents

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Sometimes I am less than impressed....
Review of Shakuntala Remembered at Ranga Shankara (today) for Metroblogs:


All of us (we went in a group of 4) were also annoyed at the rates of admission being 150 rupees, surely, quite expensive for a play which seems to have so much financial support...

What a contrast with the play, "To the Death of my own family" which I watched two Saturdays ago....Farah Bala gripped us from the word go, with a superb play by David Meth! She played several characters of an Afghan family which goes back to Afghanistan from the US, is decimated, and of which only one daughter comes back alive to the US, where she has been born and brought up, only to be treated with suspicion by the Immigration Department...the direction of the play by Peter Ratray was superb, too...what started as a 10 minute play evolved into an hour's presentation, and had us coming home with Farah's wonderful acting and deep sincerity to her craft etched in our minds.

You can find out more about "To The Death Of My Own Family" at


(that's the URL the simply designed, but excellent, brochure, gives.)

After the play there was a 15 minute interactive session which was also very good.

Well...fair play or foul, I go to everything I can at Ranga Shankara...!

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Well, you win some you lose some. Hope the next performance lives up to your expectations.

Deponti, I sorely miss kutcheri season in Chennai. Even now, for just 20-25 Rs, you can listen to some great artists. I've always been struck by how affordable this is compared to paying 100$ to watch an opera here. And Kalakshetra's dance dramas are superb as well......
I miss these things soooooooooooooo much.

HUGGGGG. Hope you get to come back for a good long holiday soon...what fun to have the simple joy of sitting in the semi-indoor, semi-outdoor Asthika Samajam and listen to concerts! Eat at the various Sabha canteens! Compare notes with others at the end of the day!

I missed last year too, I was in the US with my daughter..

Oops, that comment was from me. Didn't realise I wasn't logged in

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