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Lions walking down the Serengeti track...

Here is my short clip of the two adorable lion cubs and the two lioness walking past our safari van, in the Ngorongoro Crater area:

You can hear Huruma, our guide, telling us that one was "hitted by a porcupine"!

For the rest of the videos that I have uploaded (well, with a lot of help from anushsh) to YouTube,at

There's an olive baboon grooming her mate while the babies run around, there's a mother shrike feeding her little one, a hornbill struggling to swallow the large grasshopper it caught...they are all short clips, and since they are my first attempts at video, that shows, too!

I will be posting a few more soon.
Tags: africa, briding, ngorongoro.crater, photography, serengeti, tanzania, travel, videos, wildlife, youtube

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