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The Sin of Pride...

Felt wonderful when I saw the pictures of shortingiangirl and chaibacca's Deepavali party....all the cooking for 20 people, all the decorations, and all the cleaning up...

Then the thought was tempered by my next-door neighbour flying off to be near her brother, whose 7 year old was critically ill in hospital.

So...instead of pride in my child alone...let me remember also, how lucky I am to have healthy, happy children who are well-adjusted adults. And let me take any chance I can to help someone less fortunate than myself. As the wonderful phrase has it...."There, but for the grace of God, go I."

The child is out of the ICU and responding to medication....but still very weak. But now the parents are full of hope. It was hepatitis C...or a complicated malarial fever...will wait for my friends to bring back details. Taking care of her children while she has been away has been very easy..

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