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How to drape the "madishaar"..the traditional Iyer 9 yards saree

shortindiangirl has done an excellent job of drawing it out, and describing it.

Anyone who wants to wear the madishaar or is just curious about it....see it at

Our use of untailored cloth for both men and women, with a very graceful, beautiful, practical (the panchakaccham for men and the 9 yd saree for women don't do Marilyn-Monroe type fly-ups like the 6 yds varieties do, or float about dangerously, getting ignited on kitchen fires or caught in two-wheeler spokes) end result...oh I do love the 9 yds saree and the traditional panchakaccham dhoti.
Tags: draping, nine yards, saree, sari, shortindiangirl, wearing

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