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What are the odds?

In our licence plates, the first two letters represent the state of India the car is registered in...KA means Karnataka. The number next to that is the Regional Transport Office (RTO) where the car is registered; that is followed by an alphabet whose significance I am unable to fathom, followed by the actual licence no. of the car.

what are the odds?

That's my car, ( a very useful little runabout that goes by the name of Wagon-R) 5138, on the left-hand-side, which I parked in the Bangalore Club while I went to do some work today. When I returned, I found the same four numbers in a different combination next to my car! Loved it...

Waiting for the day when another 5138 parks next to me...

Yes, yes, I can hear lots of voices saying, so what? Well, *I* enjoyed it!
Tags: bangalore club, co-incidence, combination, number plates, photography

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