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nAgaswaram video

Remember, I had made a post about the nAgaswaram earlier?

Well, since then, I acquired a camera with a video function and so when I attended a wedding recently, decided to tape a short video for those of you who are interested...

The song being played is "entharO mahAnubhAvulu anthariki vanthanamu" (salutations to all the connoisseurs), one of the PancharatnAs of ThyAgarAjA, the saint-composer.

Notice the beautiful "jarigai vEshti" of the nAgaswaram players..the gold border really shines!

We have nAgaswaram recitals at all weddings and temple festivities. It's a surprising fact that while most of Carnatic music is the stronghold of the Brahmin community, the mridangam and the nAgaswaram are predominantly played by the Pillai community...and an expert on an allied instrument, the clarinet, is a Muslim, Sheikh Chinna Moulana. Quite unsual when I think about it!

asakiyume this was mainly for you!
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