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Cleanliness is next to godliness, but doesn't follow the next day...

Here's my metblogs post about the aftermath of the Ganesha festival:

Today I had a verbal slanging match with someone. As I walked out of the coffee shop near my home, I watched a very well-dressed, well-heeled man walk in...and spit twice on the road. I asked him why on earth he needed to spit on the road when he just had to walk a few more steps and spit in the washbasin in the eatery. I was soundly abused for my words, and walked away with the words "idiot" and worse, ringing in my ears. Short of getting into a worse argument with that guy...I couldn't do anything more. He had no qualms about abusing me loudly.

I can at least understand when a vegetable seller or a pushcart man spits on the road, but these "educated" heroes who first spit, and then abuse people who point it out to them...I could SPIT on THEM. I really could.
Tags: aftermath, garbage, metblogs, spit, spitting

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