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Our own film festival

We have been having our own film festival...we suddenly realized that
Oscar nominees were running in the same it was Aviator
on Sunday, Black (a Hindi movie about a deaf-blind girl and her
alcoholic teacher....Rani Mukherjee and Amitabh) on Monday, Tuesday Swades (a
sickly sweet Hindi movie), Wednesday Finding Neverland (another
sentimental melodrama) Thursday, Ray...the last movie was really
excellent...both the acting by Jamie Foxx, who really lived the part of Ray
Charles....and the superb R&B and country music throughout the
movie....tomorrow is a rest day, and then we take 3 children from our
apartment to The Incredibles!

tickets at this multiplex are 130 rupees
apiece, snacks can easily set you back another 300, and then there are the
parking charges....yow!
Tags: english, movie, multiplex, oscar nominations, pvr

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