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Horn Please...

I must explain this phrase for my non-Indian friends. Most trucks and several small vans carry that message on their rear bumpers (fenders) means, "please sound your horn and overtake me" (or more truly, "keep honking on your horn and I will block your way as much as I can".)

But never have I heard of a packing and moving company named that...

horn please packers and movers blr 130907

The other legend that I often read on the back of vans and trucks is, "Wait for Side" (THAT means, "wait until I move over to the side of the road and then overtake me" or more truly, "keep on waiting, who do you think is going to move over for you to be able to overtake?")

So I am now hoping to see the Wait For Side Movers and Packers advertising themselves.
Tags: humour, lorries, photography, signs, trucks, wait for side

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