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What someone said about Shelfari

I received an invitation from someone I knew to Shelfari, and asked if they had found it useful. Here's the reply:

Oh, don't get me started about them. I am so cheesed off, it's not funny. First of all, I never meant to email anyone, actually, you were the only one I intended to mail, since you were the only other person I knew well, with an account there. But the damn site's interface misled me, and it shot off an email to every tom, dick and harry I have ever received an email from on gmail, half of whom I don't even know!

That irritated me so much, I deleted my account right away, and now, despite my doing that, they have sent this stupid reminder. I really wish I could sue them.

I am so angry, it's not funny.... I hope you delete your account too!! :-) that.

Does Shelfari have an option to delete the account? That, at least, would be ethical of them...
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