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Death Posters...

No, I don't mean the violent posters that many rock bands put up!

One of the practices I have seen in Tamil Nadu (I don't know if it also exists elsewhere) is to print notices of someone's death, and stick them up in public places.

Here's one, stuck on the back of a bus:

death notice

This particular one mourns (the title says, "kaNNeer anjali" or "homage through tears") the death of E. Mariappan (alias "auto Mari") who was an auto driver; it has been paid for by his auto-driver friends, and mentions where he lived, and the date of his birth and death.

No, I don't think I am violating anyone's privacy by posting this photo; after all, the original posters were stuck everywhere in public places.

But I am still mystified by why this is done. Would it not be more fitting to have the friends pay for a better funeral...or give the money raised to the deceased's family? The posters might last for a day or two, that's this practice really does puzzle me a lot. It must cost a fair amount to print, too...and the bill-posters would have to be paid as well. Does looking at the poster solace the family or friends? What is the point of having unknown strangers looking at it? I can't get it....

Any ideas, anyone?
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