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Compare the lorry and the water tank...

I often see water tanks on top of houses that are built in the shape of Maruti cars, or even boats...but this one really took the cake.

the lorry matches the water tank....

Obviously, the owner of the house owns that lorry, and wanted to immortalize it as a water-tank on top of his terrace...what a beautiful match!

I just couldn't believe that the lorry was also parked there, AND in just the same position, AND I was able to notice the similarity...the odds of this happening WHILE I had a camera ready to take the photo were mind-boggling!

This is what I would really call being in "high humour", I guess!

The house is on the Ring Road just before the place where to-be-constructed road (the piece of land is under litigation) joins up with Bannerghatta Road. When coming from Hosur, you take a turn on to this road and then, just past this house, take a turn to the right and go bumping for about 2 km and join Bannerghatta Road.
Tags: humour, photography, terrace, water tank

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