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What I call the "phantom moth"...

I found this insect on the rock when I had been to Bheemeshwari with the Clean and Green group for the plastic clean-up.

I could hardly see it against the rock, and had to photograph it very carefully. I do not know if it is a moth or a locust or a grasshopper or....

"phantom" moth...

Would like someone to id this for me. The creature that is almost not there...beautifully camouflaged.

The shiny part on the upper-left-hand side is, alas, alas, a crushed, algae-filled PET bottle. I went to pick it up and saw the beautiful creature.

Update on 11 oct...Karthik tells me that it is an Orthopetran, that is, it belongs to Orthopetra, which includes crickets,grasshoppers, that id is good enough for me.
Tags: bheemeshwari, camouflage, moth, phantom, photography

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