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Something that may be captured on LJ in a few years' time...

Something about my daily peregrinations about this city that cannot be captured on LJ are..the *scents*.

Today (and especially in the evening) I walked through...

repeated bouts of Akasha Mallige

the drool-making smell of onions frying, coming from push-carts.

raw sewage at various points of the road, or the storm-water drain.

petrol/diesel fumes.

the smell of jasmine, marigolds, and tube-roses as I passed the market.

the typical smell of the detergent as I bought some at a store.

agarbathi smells as I walked past the temple.

smells of ghee, also from the same temple (they were preparing the evening prasad, I guess.)

the coffee I had at my favourite eatery down the road from my place.

the chaat smell from there.

the smell of chlorine in the pool as I swam.

the ever-delicious aroma of my sambar as I ate dinner. sub-aroma of drumsticks.

Now, at midnight, my olfactory sense has no work to do...but the good thing is that I smell nothing burning, no gas I am safe to go to sleep now.
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