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The Bannerghatta NTP Plus gathering...the non-bird (bug) part

I had already posted the pics of the Hawk Moth caterpillar (cognoscenti should call them "cats", you know, but we ignoramuses still refer to the whole name!) when I realized that there were quite a LOT of "non-bird" pics that I wanted to post, and not wanting to burden my poor readers with a perfect avalanche of pictures, decided to do a separate post.

Given my level of knowledge about the insect kingdom, four letters are going to appear very often....they are U, N, I , and D! So let me start with an UN-ID, but exceedingly colourful bug that I found on a plant in one of the ditches which are, to budding naturalists, real treasures!

un id bug 141007 bghatta

And a GRASSHOPPER (well, it looks pretty and painted to me but Karthik says it is NOT a painted grasshopper!)

painted grasshopper 141007

Here is the nest-complex of the SOCIAL SPIDER, one of which can be seen nearby:

social spider and nest bghtta141007

Here's the web of the SIGNATURE SPIDER (Priya spotted this near our table in the restaurant when we were having brunch!)...the spider weaves a kind of "X" before beginning with the rest of the web (you can see one part of it on the lower left-hand-side)...hence the name...

signature spider

Here's another of those "four-letter" bug (un-id!) on the trunk of the Pongameia tree (the tree which is supposed to give us biodiesel!)...look at the excellent camouflage...

bug on the trunk of the pongaemia tree

Update: this is a PREYING MANTIS, id from Karthik, thank you!

I took this shot of the's Karthik focussing on a spider:

Karthik and the Macro shots

Here's the spider that Karthik was "getting close" to:

Lynx Spider 141007

And while he was taking that, we also found this LYNX SPIDER:

un id spider 141007

Looking at the shape of its body, KM christened it the "bhutta" (corn-on-the-cob) spider!

Here's another spider which I haven't asked Karthik about yet...update, Karthik says this, too, is a LYNX SPIDER:

another spider

(see? I simply titled it "another spider"...simple, until Karthik helps out!)

A DRAGONFLY, no doubt an expert will tell us exactly what it is...


And I got this LEMON PANSY by dint of careful stalking...

Lemon Pansy

some BUG NYMPHS..which ones ? Who knows? they looked so pretty, I just clicked:

moth eggs

I am sure, though, that someone will give me an id to this butterfly..Update, thanks Karthik! It is a DANAID EGGFLY...

what butterfly is this?

And last AND least, here's the totally un-id creature who went all around, not worrying too much about id, genus, species or families, but just enjoying what could be seen...

ramble in the brambles

(pic by KM...there were no mirrors around!)
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