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deponti to the world

my 2 cents

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Lovely creature....Oleander Hawk Moth...Daphnus nerii
I saw this beautiful moth on the staircase day before yesterday....

Un id moth casa ansal 221007

I think prashanthks posted a pic of something similar, am trying to look at his posts....

update. Yes indeed, here is his post:


Id-entical moth, even if un-id moth! (See below for id)

Can someone tell me what moth this is? Otherwise I will call it the military camouflage moth!

More update:

The process of id-ing goes like this:

Karthik says: Sphinx moth family Sphingidae. So that's that!

So I look at the Sphinx Moth pics and I think this is Eumorpha....the Pandorus Sphinx Moth.

Then Karthik says, no, that's the Daphnus nerii, which I find, is the Oleander Hawk Moth.

Military camouflage moth was simpler!

Even more update on 011107:

The caterpillar that I had photographed on our Bannerghatta outing has, according to Geetanjali, turned into an Oleander Hawk Moth, so here's the picture of the caterpillar as well:

Oleander Hawk Moth Caterpillar Bghatta

It's a lovely cat, isn't it? Look at all the Morse Code on its sides!



is what the pupa looks like.

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The background is good too. Lovely macro shot :-)

i've caused the death of one of these

while trying to help it out of it's cocoon. this is what the larva looks like when threatened (scary itn's it?) - http://ngnatura.blog.espresso.repubblica.it/concorso_national_geograp/images/00_gmilettilow_1.jpg they used to eat the tender shoots of the oleander plant in our garden- http://spicegirl.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/white-oleander1.jpg

this is what the cocoon looks like - http://tpittaway.tripod.com/sphinx/d_ner_p3.jpg and my mom used to think i'm picking up dog poo!! :)

madhu (jlrntp)

Hey, yup its a fab moth except it scares literally everyone at home :)

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