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A strange disinclination...

It happens every time I go out of town. I come back, I check my email, check my LJ friends' list...but there is a strange diconnect, and a reluctance to comment on friends' posts..It's as if I am still on the outside, looking in at a scene that is going will take me a while to get on to "the same page" and start interacting...I *do* enjoy reading the posts I missed, but still, I am like the latecomer to a party, who is a wallflower for at least a while...

I must say, though, that being without email or internet access( for a couple of days at least!) is not a big deal, so I am glad that I am not internet-addicted as I fear sometimes...!

Here's something I thought of after I sang at the 'sangeet' ceremony at the wedding we attended...

bhari mehfil mEin hamArE gAnE par
shAbhAshee milee,thAliyAn bajee...
par us Ek chehrEy sE muskAn pAney par
dil bhar gayA,mehfil sachmuch sajee...

When I sang to the gathering
There was praise, there was applause;
But when I won a smile from one particular face,
The gathering *really* felt full, and I knew what happiness was...

That simple phrase, "mehfil sajee" difficult to to convey the warmth, the intimacy of a small yet knowledgeable gathering and its valuable appreciation?
Tags: disconnect, friends, hindi, lj, outsider, poetry, return, song, trip, urdu, verse, wallflower

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