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Some worries on my mind right now. Mind control is quite tough, but managing it...

Frustration is, to come back to the subject title, when I coome back from a few days away, realize that there are simply SCORES of very, very interesting posts by my LJ friends...and because of several factors (led by an erratic internet connection) that I cannot comment on each and every one of them, *MUCH* though I would like to. (I cannot imagine another forum where I can express my reactions and opinions and people will quietly let me finish AND consider what I say!)

My LJ friends are SUCH an interesting bunch...and what a variety of topics there are. But I just don't have the time to comment on each one, especially when the comment page needs 3 or 4 clicks each time to display...

One reason why I tend to check LJ every day...and that could easily lead to addiction if I am not careful! (No, did fine for the past few days without the net; but it's when I come back, and check everyone's posts that I feel, Oh, I must reply to this, and this, and this, and.....!)

So...all of you...I *am* reading your posts. Forgive the uncharacteristic silence on the comments page!

There is also a lot to do with Deepavali around the corner...I polished all my brass lamps today, cleaned up the apartment...and so the day went...
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