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deponti to the world

my 2 cents

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Poetry -- and that, too, Goethe-- on a container!
We often get plastic containers as gifts when we visit others' homes during festivals such as Navaratri. But it was unusual to find some lines on this container....

poetry on a container

The words are written on two sides of the container. The first side:

Poetry on a container one

Of course, there seem to be spelling mistakes. The words are:

"SEEST Thou yon smiling Orange?
Upon the tree still hangs it,
Already March bath ('hath' would be correct) vanish'd
And new-born flowers are shooting"

Er, what are these new-born flowers shooting? Are they ..er.."budding" photographers? ;-)

Here's the second side:

poetry on a container two

"I draw night (obviously, "nigh" is the right word) to thee, then
And there I say, 'Oh Orange,
Thou ripe and juicy Orange,
Thou sweet and luscious"

At this point the poem seems to break down!

I googled the first line, and amazingly, got to "The Poems of Goethe, Songs, Part V"...

and the words given are:

SEEST thou yon smiling Orange?
Upon the tree still hangs it;
Already March hath vanish'd,
And new-born flow'rs are shooting.
I draw nigh to the tree then,
And there I say: Oh Orange,
Thou ripe and juicy Orange,
Thou sweet and luscious Orange,
I shake the tree, I shake it,
Oh fall into my lap!

How intriguing it was, and still is, to find this on the side of a plastic canister!

And no...I don't have the container any more. My maid loved it, and I gave it to her!

PS. another offshoot thought from this post. I am now, I notice, using "googling" as a verb, the way we now (in India at least) use "xeroxing"!

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That there really is such a poem is the most amazing part of this story. Now I'm smiling and smiling. How nice that Goethe knew how to appreciate an orange :-)

A poem on a container..vow...and that too a Goethe one...cool...Thats pretty impressive...Nice lyrics about an Orange.. :)

Wow, is this cool or what! Hope you had a good diwali!

Yes...sort of...my brother is keeping unwell so there is a little worry, but on the whole, surrounded by friends, it WAS a good time.

I have noticed these containers at the supermarket. But didn't give much thought to the writing on it.

Googling, adds to xeroxing, and godrej et al;-)

One the dumbasses at Xerox came out with ads to prosecute or demand apologies from anyone using the word Xerox as a verb. A few newspapers did publish apologies. Once they got their cheap publicity they went off to sleep.

That made me laugh! They should actually think it a compliment that the word has become generic..!

Obviously they were getting upset over the Canon Xerox centres;-)

Even international magazines, and in novels I have noticed that chaps use the word xerox for photocopying,

Once it becomes common language

They lose copyright for the word.
Oh noes!

Cool, another very interesting LJ!

Can I friend you?
Also, check out engrish.com
It is AMAZINGLY funny!

Re: Cool, another very interesting LJ!

Hey, I can't believe it's a YEAR since I got to know you! I have been enjoying engrish dot com regularly, and must thank you for it!

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