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deponti to the world

my 2 cents

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A doctorate of numerology? from the USA?
Can this be verified?

doctorate of numerology? from USA?

Oh, no, I am not curious enough to go calling the numbers! Found the sign on the Old Madras Road...

And Dr V R Jayachander doesn't spell his name in English...maybe he is yet to get his doctorate in "nameology"....

But it does say, in Tamizh, that he is a "formed" (or "formet"? Could be either) numerologist,"bone-ologist" (I am not kidding),nameologist,gemmologist, graphologist... that is the, er, "gist" of his notice.

But if there is REALLY a doctorate course in Numerology...I would be intrigued...

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Hmm...Thats interesting...I know there are some numerology course offered when one is taking a Doctoral Degree Program in Meta Physical Studies....but a whole doctorate on numerology??...I am not sure...never heard of it...so cant verify it either... :(

Almost looks like a joke!!
I suppose anything "USA" on one's card or resume looks super!!
BTW, what is that first word right after "USA"??
And he is a Nam-eologist, Gemm-ologist, Graph-ologist....wth?! :D

It is possible that he could have a Ph.D from one of the lesser known and weirder universities.

That he paid 25$ to some bogus on-line "university" for a made up degree!

Re: It's more likely

Why do even that, just put whatever you want on the board. The best do it, like "the large shoe shop in India", "the biggest collection of something in India" and there is no way to verify it.

I hope you are feeling better now!

NOT YET...waiting for the stupid illness to run its course. For the kind of hip pain I am having now, I could have had three babies..

Oh so sorry to know that :(

Get well soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must say this your illness is not depriving you of your humor one bit :)

A doctorate of numerology? from the USA?

Hello - a reader of mind sent me this page, and I felt compelled to respond! I am a British numerologist and author who has lived in the USA for the past 26 years. I can assure you that there is no such thing as a doctorate in numerology - and rightly so. We are only just touching the surface of this over-simplified subject matter, and only the very basics can actually be taught at this stage. From the perspective of someone who is trying to open this knowledge up and move more deeply into it, I find that anyone who claims to be a 'master' of numerology is actually someone who does not realize how little they know.
With love and all good wishes,
Christine DeLorey

Re: A doctorate of numerology? from the USA?

I am SOOPER impressed with this measured reply. Will be visiting this website to see if there is really is something in numerology, after all..

But one thing....is it really a "reader of mind" who sent this page, or a "reader of mine"? If there is such a thing as a reader of minds...then all the numerology and gemmology and boneology may not be required at all...?

Re: A doctorate of numerology? from the USA?

Sorry deponti, it's meant to be "a reader of MINE........"
I like your humor!

If I were to believe in numerology I shud rename my name from Krish to Krissh (The India Super Hero)


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