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A doctorate of numerology? from the USA?

Can this be verified?

doctorate of numerology? from USA?

Oh, no, I am not curious enough to go calling the numbers! Found the sign on the Old Madras Road...

And Dr V R Jayachander doesn't spell his name in English...maybe he is yet to get his doctorate in "nameology"....

But it does say, in Tamizh, that he is a "formed" (or "formet"? Could be either) numerologist,"bone-ologist" (I am not kidding),nameologist,gemmologist, graphologist... that is the, er, "gist" of his notice.

But if there is REALLY a doctorate course in Numerology...I would be intrigued...
Tags: chennai-bangalore old madras road, doctorate, humour, numerology, photography, signboard

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