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Madivala Lake....short but sweet

Adarsh and Nisarg took me along to Madivala Lake this morning, and though we didn't have a great variety of birds, the SPOT-BILLED PELICANS, the ASHY PRINIAS, the TAILOR-BIRDS, a magnificient BRAHMINY KITE, CORMORANTS, CATTLE EGRETS, POND HERONS, PURPLE MOORHENS, GREY HERONS (apart from the usual crew of KMC...KITE/MYNAH/CROW) made for a very interesting time indeed.

Here's the scene that greeted us as we entered the gate:

pelicans and grass madivala lake 241107

You can see the pelicans serenely floating around...the water-hyacinth that has choked up the lake may actually be keeping the boaters from approaching the birds too closely....

This trip, for me, was a learning experience in terms of backlight. Here are the silhouettes of the two people who were with me this morning:

adarsh and nisarg madivala lake 241107

Everywhere, there were pelicans. Some made great silhouettes by themselves with the backlight...

single pelican madivala lake 241107

Sometimes there were two going in different directions:

east and billed pelicans

And here's a backlit view of a pelican landing:

backlit pelican landing 241107

On INW, where I posted this photograph, it was instantly dubbed the "Jesus Christ" pelican! ;-)

The morning light picked out a few tiny treasures, like this web just above the surface of the water:

web over the water madivala lake 241107

Here's an adult Ashy Prinia in that light...

ashy prinia in the reeds 241107

And here's a young one, looking so engagingly innocent:

Ashy Prinia juvenile madivala lake 241107

Even the strands of grass looked like jewels in the light....

grass in the sunlight madivala lake 241107

And as we went back out, I was able to get this shot of the Brahminy Kite, which was sitting on an African Tulip (Spathodia) tree....

brahminy kite madivala lake on spathodia 241107

And the keen eye of the"raptored" me!

eye of the brahminy kite madivala lake 241107

A lovely morning...thank you, Adarsh and Nisarg!
Tags: birding, brahminy, kite, lake, madivala, nisarg,, photography, prinia, spiders, web

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