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Another piece from Target, Feb1995...

Here are the pages from Target, Feb 1995, where these two pieces were published:

Sixteen Years and No Two Ways About it AM poems Target Feb 1995

And here's the other verse...

Sixteen long years ago
On a fine Thursday of November
A day of which I little know
But my parents certainly remember

First sight of light, first breath of life
A wail-- good,loud and clear
Beginning or ending of my strife?
The answer is still obscure

Forevery day and every year
That has rolled past since then
Has been an oblivion of fear
Till perhaps the age of ten.

After ten, my life cleared a bit
And things began to make sense
The jigsaw pieces started to fit
In the puzzle of life that's immense!

Teenage life-- much awaited
Seemed to promise many thrills
And of course, it goes without being said
Of fun, I've been having my fill

Now I see myself grow
Accepting responsibilities
Trying to learn what I most need to know
My weaknesses and capabilities

I talk of sixteen years of strife
That seems a long time, I know
But is really just a fraction of life
When there's so much more to go!
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