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Road Inspection, and Theatre...

As part of the ongoing struggle to prevent our esteemed government from razing trees to make broader roads, four of us went down Kasturba Road, that abuts Cubbon Park, today. It was a wonderful walk in one sense, because starting from the Karunashraya at the corner,

Karunashraya,Kasturba Road 151207

we saw so many heritage buildings,like Cubbon Park Police Station

Asst Commissioner of Police office (Cubbon Park police Station) 151207

the Govt. Museum

The Museum

Some exotic (not native to Bangalore) fauna

exotic animal in Bangalore...

watched some very mixed traffic on the road

mixed traffic on Kasturba Road

and saw so many noble trees....peepul,jamun,tamarind,rain trees, copper pods,travellers' palms...but it was also sad to think that our short-sighted government cannot think of any solution to the traffic problems but felling the trees and broadening the roads...a very short-term measure as long as the number of cars on the road are not regulated, and the number of vehicles being registered and released on to the roads are also not restricted.

Here's an ex-mango tree, which must have been 50 years old...

a magnificient old mango tree which is now an ex-mango tree,kasturba road, 151207

And here are anushsh, Vijay Narnapatti and his colleague, Aparna , at the landmark rock near
the Venkatappa Art Gallery...

anush, vijay,aparna with BBMP blueprints

We saw a very good, though disturbing Tamizh translation of a German play in the evening...

Woyzeck RS 151207 four

See my review of it on Metroblogs

Tomorrow we take our huntin'-shootin'-fishin' guest to Galibore, to show him a forest and a river where huntin', shootin' and fishin' (except for catch-and-release) are NOT permitted!

However, because of his interests, our guest is excellent at spotting he's going to be a great help in whatever photography KM and I do tomorrow!

Have a great Sunday, everyone...I love my life and I wish everyone were as happy as I am...
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