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Scene at a scrap iron shop...

On our way back from Galibore, this young woman caught my eye...

scene at a scrap iron shop galibore S3

She has, I think, all her worldly possessions strapped on and hung from her head....and what the picture doesn't show is that she also had an infant in her arms. This was a shop selling scrap iron, and since we had stopped there, I was able to look on for a while. I was also given an object lesson in the inaccuracy of assumptions...

At first sight, the people looked very poor...until the in the shop (striped shirt)whipped out a calculator and started doing some work on it...and then, as I watched, another man gave this lady back a folding umbrella that she had obviously brought in for repair. Together they tested the way the umbrella opened and closed. Then I also realized that the lady had footwear on, and that made her, immediately, much better off than many others. I loved the stylish headgar the man on the right has made of his towel..he looks like a pasha of Baghdad.

A fascinating slice of life that I watched for a couple of minutes..!
Tags: kanakapura road, observation, photography

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