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Transport Smorgasbord....

Took a flight to Pune today...taking a bus to Mumbai tomorrow...the day after, an overnight train to Nagpur..then a van or a car to Kanha...will we return by train or bullock cart? Watch this space!

And all of you who celebrate the coming into our world of a wonderful Child...Merry Christmas! And to those of you who don't...Happy Holidays!

Am staying with a friend in whose fourth-floor window plants, several spotted munias, and two red-whiskered bulbuls, had nested this year...the photos are SO nice! My friend herself is JUST the kind of person in whose home all these birds would feel welcome and secure...she reminds me of asakiyume in this respect, that SHE respects Nature a lot and enjoys it, in spite of a busy life.

Bye for a week, all of good, or not, as your bent dictates...!
Tags: birding, friends

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