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How NOT to do bird photography...another lesson

Before I make my posts on Kanha, I thought I would once again vent my spleen mention a few words about the difficulty of bird photography.

I think it is a vile plot by these wicked avians. They only have to see me coming along with my camera for them to be overcome with unaccountable aversion. All I can get is shots like this one, where the PURPLE-RUMPED SUNBIRD is carefully ensuring that I can't show all her features....

sunbird on the indian cork flower(akasha mallige) pune 181207

This BLACK-HOODED ORIOLE, which I saw for the first time, is careful to hide the tail and that all-important eye behind the branches and leaves....

black hooded oriole with tail and eye hidden kanha 221207

And of course, the camouflage is so good, that even such a brightly-coloured bird can not be easily seen in the foliage!

That's not the whole sad story. Even when the *&^% bird is facing me, there's sure to be a problem. Here's the RACKET-TAILED DRONGO... what do you think, from the name, the most important part of that bird is, to capture on camera? Right! So here's the racket-tailed drongo actually looking at me, and please note how carefully it's tucked its tail away behind the tree-trunk:

racket-tailed drongo and no tail...

And when the bird is entirely visible, it is sure to be sitting in the shadow, like this:

racket-tailed drongo

Look at this nice utterly-dark shot of the SIRKEER MALKOHA, which was another first-timer for me. I waited a long time, but I never got a better shot than this:

sirkeer malkoha silhouette 2312

So...when I see all those fabulous images on INW or Oriental Birds or any of these birders' websites...I really appreciate how much of effort and frustration must have gone into getting that one good shot!

Heh, heh, will post some of my better shots soon....meanwhile, all of you have a great last-of-the-old-year weekend!

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