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The future....

I think that the future will be defined by some inventions or discoveries that we may have speculated about now or which are in their nascent stage at this point...but I also believe that there will be inventions and discoveries which are beyond the realm of our present imagination and which does not figure at all in our speculation. People will look back and wonder how humankind managed without X,Y, and Z.....and also think, they had a much better quality of life!

Ok, enuff philosophy...

Here's a painter of signs in Ramnagaram, a town we passed on the way to Mysore and BR Hills...

painter of signs chamarajnagar

And here's the greatly entertaining work of another such person...

vasanth hiar dreses

OOOH I love my sign collection!
Tags: br hills, humour, karnataka, photography, signboard

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