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Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is within easy driving distance of Bangalore, on the highway to Mysore. We decided to visit it briefly on our way back from B R Hills. We did not hire a boat to approach the bird islands, but took all our shots from the shore, as we were getting very late to go back home.

Here are the only animals which pay to gawp at, disturb, and sometimes kill, other animals:

the only animals who pay to gawp at other animals

The new signboard is getting ready, but as of now, seems to be "on the rocks"!

ranganathittu signboard

Also "on the rocks" are some very interesting denizens of this riverine environment...beware of putting your hand in the water, you might need to go to a second-hand shop! refer to the many crocs we saw, in my last post about the B R Temple...

croc...large one ranganathittu 040108

Here are some of the birds....


painted stork flying

More of them on a tree:

painted storks

An OPENBILL STORK with lots of leaves in its mouth to build a nest, and a SPOONBILL:

openbill stork and spoonbill ranganathittu

It was a lovely sight to see this BRAHMINY KITE mother and child swooping; the mother kept guiding the young one with a touch of her wing-tips. Flying lessons!

brahminy kite mother and child ranganathittu 040108

There are always hundreds of FRUIT BATS hanging on the trees:

fruit bats ranganathittu 040108

And here is yours truly, and KM, too (I am afraid that his pictures, shot in raw, may never see the light of day, as the minute he is back home his only thoughts are of his work!)

Canon 20D and 30D

Pic by amoghavarsha on my S3IS!

Short but nice trip to Ranganathittu!
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