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deponti to the world

my 2 cents

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World Bird Sanctuary, Fenton, Mo, 200108
Having rested for 48 hours was more than my daughter could do...and on Sunday she came downstairs with a plan to drive to the World Bird Sanctuary ...update on 8 March, their blog is at


...so off we went.

The big joke was that we came from balmy Bangalore to visit them, and ....all the outdoor shows (including the raptor exhibits) were "Closed Because of Extreme Cold"! We did laugh.

DISCLAIMER: I did NOT bring the 20D or the 300mm Canon lens...all I had was my little Canon S3...so what quality of pictures you see, is what quality of pictures you get! Also, it was either very harsh light off the grey skies one minute, or low light the next....so...

The Visitors' Center did have a few birds sitting on the sign, as if to welcome us...

world bird sanctuary fenton mo sign

We found a few birds in spite of the wind and the biting cold. Here are the TUFTED TITMICE (singular, Titmouse) sitting on the bird feeder near the sign:

tufted titmice wbs 200108

There were several WHITE-BREASTED NUTHATCHES flying around, hopping over the tree-trunks in their typical way:

White-breasted Nuthatch

I got this not-too-good-but-will-suffice shot of the DOWNY WOODPECKER (I don't know if it's called "downy" because of its feathers, or because of other meaning of the word, which is "canny or intelligent"):

Downy WoodpeckerWBS

There were some MOURNING DOVES sitting forlornly on the bare trees:

mourning doves WBS

We entered the Visitors' Center, where, luckily they did have a HARRIS HAWK

Harris hawk on the glove of the trainer WBS

Harris Hawk World Bird Sanctuary visitors' center

and BARN OWL on display:

barn owl wbs visitors center

Here's the owl landing on the trainer's glove:

barn owl landing on the trainer's glove

Later, in Lone Elk Park (why this name, we don't know, we saw several Elk), I saw this nest box put up for barn owls, as they are as endangered here as they are in Bangalore and its environs:

box for barn owls Lone Elk Park

Here's a close-up of that beautiful barn owl, what a lovely heart-shaped face!

barn owl close up

Let me close with my "signature" photograph (either sunrise or sunset or moonrise or moonset, in this case, the third of the lot):

moon rising in St Louis 200108

Coming up next, Lone Elk Park, the Elk, the American Bison, the beauty of a dry landscape in winter....with a sundown pic there, too....

Thanks to DnA who took us there!

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Enjoyed reading it. Lovely.

BTW, did you forget to put tags or it again beyond the limit ?


ur fotos look all the same ..whether you take it from any of the high end cameras or the low end ones.

Lovely post, Deepa! And lovely shots, too! Don't diss the S3, it's our camera and it's quite serviceable!!! Why is the pic of the downy woodpecker unavailable?


What? I can see the downy woodpecker photo....must check this out, thanks for letting me know!


Hi! I'm a volunteer at WBS and just wanted to say thanks for visiting and those pictures are gorgeous!

We have a blog now...just started last week!



How lovely to have someone from WBS visiting ME! The internet and search engines are two great inventions...

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