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A snap of a day....

I thought I would snap pictures through the course of one of my very ordinary,humdrum days....those not interested, skip please...

This was 280108...

It began with this colourful dawn...

dawn on enright ave 280108

Then, after my daughter's check up at the hospital was over, we went to a true-blue Barbeque place.."Bandana's BBQ"..not for the steaks, but for the "goobers"...that is, peanuts. Here are the boiled salted peanuts being despatched....imagine that we paid $2.79 for one of those bowls, or about with even Rs.TEN worth of salted boiled peanuts from a pushcart in India...

eating boiled peanuts at Bandanna's BBQ...they are called Goobers (not Boogers)

After we came back home, I set off for my usual walk, and very close to Washington U, saw a campaign meeting for Hilary Clinton going on, and just outside the cafe, parked to a side, was this Fox newsvan..lookit all that gadgetry!

fox tv newsvan near Hilary Clinton convention near Wash U

I walked past the St Louis History Museum in Forest Park, one of my favourite haunts, but I didn't enter it this day:

st louis history museum

I was looking, actually, for that Red-Tailed Hawk that I have seen often in the trees in this area. No luck, but this skein of Canadian geese flew past:

canadian geese skein

I also walked past the face of poverty in urban St Louis:

the face of poverty in urban areas porter park

No, nowadays I no longer feel threatened when I pass these places. A brisk walker presents, I think, a less obvious target for any prospective mugger than a slow-moving, fearful-looking person!

As I started to come home the sun started going "home" too....the clouds right now really look very monsoonish, and I enjoyed the light drops of rain as much as I would enjoy them in Bangalore:

towards sunset with monsoon-type clouds st louis 280108

I do love my daily walks....but today I get to do an hour's swim, as well, in the evening!
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