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The weird bird of Jefferson Lake...

On my walk, I saw this bird, and photographed it:

un id goose jefferson lake forest park 300108

And when I came home, I could not get any sort of match for its id. So I googled and got the name of Bob Corbett , a birder who lives near Forest Park, too, and here's what he had to say:

"this is a legendary bird that hangs around the lake near the boat house.
It is legendary since it and its off spring have been there for a few years
and cause every bird watcher to flip, wondering what in the world it is.

"It turns out the experts who work with the park tells us it is a domestic
bird that was turned loose by it's owner and it not a special breed, but a
specially bred bird that doesn't look like any other.

"I did the same thing. First time I saw it I hurried over to the visitor's
center to talk to the Missouri Conservation agent there to ask about the bird
and she had a big laugh with me telling me how many people come to ask."

What a bird it is...looks like a cross between a goose and a turkey!

And....I have a question for joylita and asakiyume. I was taught to use a fresh 'open quote' mark at the beginning of every new paragraph, when writing a quote you know if this practice is still followed?
Tags: birding, forest, photography, st louis

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