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The Obama Event

Here's a sign on the wall of the Edward Jones Dome :

obama event sign on wall 020208

Here's the Gateway Arch and the Old Courthouse building , they were close to where the event was being held:

downtown st louis 020208

And this is the (OOF-Out Of Focus) pic of the venue, I took it while jumping down from a fence:

taken while jumping down from the fence

The crowd wrapped around the building where the venue was, and here's the crowd going in:

crowds entering the edward jones dome at america's center

There were some people who were supporting another candidate:

ron paul for president

Capitalism was at its active best as we moved down the's capitalism with a "t"....

tees for sale

Here's money exchanging hands...

crowds entering the edward jones dome at america's center

And here are Obama buttons on sale:

obama badges

Here are the crowds inside the dome:

the crowd inside the dome

There were all sorts of people; here's a beautiful young woman and her even more lovely daughter:

Pamela Morris-Thornton and Addison pmt70 at hotmail dot com

And here's one I enjoyed taking, I am sorry to say (I am not sorry about posting this, the young woman was in a public space, sitting like that!)...what an ad for Levi Strauss!

ad for Levi Strauss...taken at the convention

Several officials came and they were fixing up wires all over the place:

setting up the wires

Here's the jewellery on one of the volunteers; she said she has been backing Obama since 1994:

Jewellery on Obama volunteer's hand

Cheerleaders and a band from Harriet Stowe University put up a nice show:

cheerleaders from harris stowe u

Finally, Obama appeared and started speaking. The acoustics were so bad that we could not understand a WORD that he said. But the crowd kept cheering nonetheless!

barack obama speaking 020208

We felt we had quite enough of a campaign stop experience and came out, visiting the Gateway Arch by night, and came home

Here's Obama's campaign tagline:

obama's campaign line

And since they didn't allow any food or drink to be brought from outside, the prices inside were obviously somewhat inflated:

prices at the convention

We felt we had quite enough of a campaign stop experience and came out,and passed the famous sculpture at one of the gates of the Zoo..that's one part of the sculpture, and the S3 is NOT a great camera for night photography...

zoo gates sculpture 020208

We then went to TGIF, where this waiter was getting ready to join in the Mardi Gras that was on at a different location, with his multicoloured beads:

waiter at TGIF wearning Mardi Gras beads 020208

We returned home at nearly midnight, and I think we would have been better off in front of the TV...but it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
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