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One Man Voting

I followed one man as he went to vote on Super Tuesday.

The voting venue was in a church just a few blocks away from this man's home, and he walked through the rainy afternoon until he saw the sign:

slay is the mayor of st Louis

Slay is the mayor of St Louis, and I personally thought he had been doing a good job, but obviously, others think otherwise.

I missed the sign that said, "No Electioneering Allowed." This also included any exit polls. So at this venue, voters were not disturbed at all.

The man turned into the church area:

going into the church basement to vote

In the basement was the list of Presidential candidates:

list of candidates

There's also a city propositon, that, presumably, must be voted for.

I saw the guy in the plaid shirt explaining the procedure to a couple who were not entirely sure what to do.

the guy in the plaid shirt is explaining the procedure

Here's one of the voting booths:

voting booth

The man stood in the queue (on the left-hand side) and got his ballot paper:

getting the ballot paper

He then sat down at a booth to for a last-minute deliberation:

sitting down to think

And then, as another man sat at the booth opposite him, he cast his vote:

casting the vote

He then went to drop the ballot in the box:

putting in the ballot paper

After voting, the man came out of the dark church basement, wearing this sticker:

I voted...sticker

An important thing for us Indians to note...I was at no point of time asked not to come in because I was not a citizen, or prevented from taking photographs. I am SURE that in India this would not be the case. There would have been SOME "Do Not"s forced upon a non-citizen, especially one with a camera.

Adult franchise in a of the most wonderful things that a free human being can think of.
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